Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

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replace teeth with dental implants 7/1/19

A chipped or missing tooth can not only effect the function of your smile but it can also impact your self-confidence. If you visited a dentist in North Myrtle Beach recently, they may have told you that you can repair your smile with a crown, bridge, or denture. There is another option! Dr. Hortman at Palmetto Dental Associates offers dental implant solutions for the North Myrtle Beach community. Keep reading to learn more about dental implant solutions.

Dental Implants in North Myrtle Beach

Compared to a crown, bridge, or denture, dental implant solutions are a more permanent restoration. Other options are placed above the gum-line which increases the risk of the fake tooth moving while eating or talking. A dental implant is placed below the gum-line to mimic the structure of a natural tooth. Further, patients love dental implant solutions because your oral health routine does not change. Just floss and brush normally! Lastly, you can replace one tooth to a few tooth to your entire smile with dental implants. Say goodbye to dentures and hello to a permeant, more natural smile with dental implants.

How Are Dental Implants Placed?

Dental implant solutions require an invasive surgery. Don’t let this scare you! Dr. Hortman uses sleep dentistry to make you comfortable during the surgery. During your dental implant consultation, tell Dr. Hortman your concerns. Then, she will then recommend a treatment plan to meet your needs. During the surgery, once the medication is administered, Dr. Hortman will remove the existing tooth, if you have one, and its root. After the area is clear, she will place a metal post where the root sat. This gives your new tooth stability. Depending on how much bone you have, she may perform a bone graft to strengthen the metal post. That day she will give you a temporary tooth to place over the post. In the meantime, her lab will produce a new tooth that perfectly fits the area and matches the color of your natural teeth. After the procedure, you will be amazed at how much dental implant solutions can improve your confidence. From eating to smiling in photos, you will love your dental implants.

Many people call dental implant solutions one of the best dentistry advancements of the 20th century. Palmetto Dental Associates patients in North Myrtle Beach love how natural dental implant solutions look and feel. For more information about dental implants or to schedule a consultation, call Palmetto Dental Associates, today!