TMJ Therapy and TMJ Symptoms

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TMJ Therapy Symptoms main 10/12/18

If you have a sore jaw, trouble opening and closing your mouth, or you hear a click when you open your mouth wide, you may need TMJ therapy from a local dentist in North Myrtle Beach. At home, you can use TMJ therapy with over-the-counter medication and avoiding painful jaw movements. However, if your symptoms worsen, you may need a dental visit with local dentist, Dr. Hortman and her team at Palmetto Dental Associates give a few suggestions for your TMJ therapy. 

TMJ Therapy

1. Night Guard or Splint

Often, many people grind their teeth and they do not realize they are doing it. A split, usually worn at all times, or a night guard, worn while sleeping, can prevent excessive grinding. This TMJ therapy will help your symptoms by placing a plastic barrier between your top and bottom teeth with a retainer.

TMJ Therapy Symptoms 2nd 8/12/18

2. Oral Health Medication

Dr. Hortman may write a prescription for a medication such as higher dose painkiller, a muscle relaxer, or an anti-anxiety medication. Similar to over-the-counter pain medications, higher doses of NSAID painkillers reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. Anti-anxiety medications along with muscle relaxers helps to calm the body and avoid grinding. This TMJ therapy does not cure your symptoms but it can prevent them from worsening.

3. Other Dental Procedures

Sometimes TMJ symptoms occur when your bite is uneven. One TMJ therapy is to replace missing teeth which can relieve some TMJ symptoms. Some ways that missing teeth can be repaired is with implants, crowns, or bridges. Talk to Dr. Hortman to see if this treatment option can help you.

4. TMD Surgery

If your jaw is locked or other TMJ therapy does not work, you may be a need a surgery. Check with your local dentist, Dr. Hortman, before making a decision. Types of surgeries include: arthrocentesis, arthroscopy, and open-joint surgery. An arthrocentesis is used to rinse the jaw muscle and remove the damaged disc stuck in the TMJ. An Arthroscopy removes scar tissue and fluid. For more complex TMJ therapy cases, open-joint surgery may be necessary.

If you live in the North Myrtle Beach area and you are experiencing jaw pain, locked jaw, or facial pain, visit Dr. Hortman at Palmetto dental Associates for a consultation today.