Top 3 Ways to Care For Your Gums


When patients think about visiting the dentist, they typically think about the health of their teeth. Although, dentists examine much more. They examine your gums! Yes, at Palmetto Dental Associates we want you to have healthy teeth and healthy gums. Specifically, the Palmetto team looks for signs of mouth cancer, TMJ, and gum disease. The early stages of gum disease are reversible; however, when it develops into periodontitis, you may experience permanent bone loss. That is why it is important to have healthy gums. Below are a few ways that you can care for your oral health and improve your gums.

Tips for Healthy Gums:

1. Flossing

While eating, food and debris cluster in between your teeth and on your gums. If you brush but neglect to floss, bacteria will develop into plaque. You should floss once a day to remove unwanted bacteria. When flossing, remember to be gentle. Also remember to form a C-shape around the tooth you are flossing, and floss all your teeth- even behind the molars. If you follow these steps, you can have clean and healthy gums! 

2. Brushing

Brushing and flossing 30 minutes or 1 hour after a meal can remove sticky plaque from the teeth and gums. Although, if the plaque is not removed it will develop into hard tartar. At this stage, you will need a professional cleaning at the dentist to remove it and prevent further damage.  

3. Rinsing Your Gums

Lastly, to maintain healthy gums, rinse out your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash. This solution helps to freshen breath, remove plaque, and keep your gums clean. Look for a mouthwash that also contains fluoride. This will coat the tooth’s enamel and protect it from wearing down and developing cavities.

Of course, the order of your oral hygiene routine is not as important as remembering to complete each step. Forgetting to floss or rinse will reduce your mouth’s protection against disease and can cause bad breath. For more information call Palmetto Dental Associates and Dr. Hortman at (843)-399-2525.