What is a Cold Sore?

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what is a cold sore 5/7/18

Cold sores are created by contact with saliva or skin that starts with a primary infection. It can start if you kiss a person with a cold sore. Most are caused by HSV-1. This virus starts with small blisters that form into ulcers in your gums or mouth. Also, cold sores can spread to the eyes, fingers, genitals, and other areas. Palmetto Dental Associates, your North Myrtle Beach dentist let you know what a cold sore is and how to prevent them.

Cold sores first start with a primary infection. This can cause a fever or a sore mouth or throat. A sore is activated by an illness. For example, a cold, fever, stress, exposure to excessive sunlight, menstruation, suppressed immune system, or lip trauma. Even if you do not remember your primary HSV-1 infection, the development of cold sores is an indication of HSV-1.

Cold Sores

If the cold sore has not begun, Dr. Hortman may give you medication. With this, you will feel better in less than one day. Also, medicine can be swallowed to stop cold sores caused by sunlight. While you have a cold sore, use lip balm, avoid touching it and do not kiss.

Cold Sores Prevention

You can protect your child from HSV-1 by helping them refrain from kissing people with a cold sore. But, most children develop HSV-1 by adulthood. A major factor in cold sore development is sunlight. Put sunscreen on your lips to protect them. Also, you have a higher risk of getting a cold sore with a weak immune system. In this case, Dr. Hortman may prescribe medications to stop cold sores.

Overall, once you have HSV-1, it is a lifelong issue. It can spur infections over and over. Luckily, there are ways that you can stop it from spreading. The best way to prevent this is to not touch a cold sore. Also, use sunblock. If you have a cold sore visit Palmetto Dental Associates, your North Myrtle Beach dentist and call Dr. Emily Hortman today to visit us!