5 Foods and Drinks that Ruin Your Oral Health

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5 Foods and Drinks that Ruin Your Oral Health main 3/1/18


You need to do more than brush to stop decay. Did you know? Sugary foods can hurt your teeth. Below are 5 foods and drinks you and your North Myrtle Beach friends should avoid for good oral health. For more dental care tips call Palmetto Dental Associates today!


Less Sugary Foods and Drinks. A sweet tooth can lead to tooth decay! This is how it works. First, sugar sits on your teeth and turns to acid. Then, this cracks a tooth’s defense. Bad foods and drinks are soda, beer, candy, cookies, and cakes. Sugar from fruits and fruit juices can hurt too. Here’s a tip. If you cannot brush after eating sugar, drink water after. Of course, brush when you get home!

More Vitamin C. Did you know? For more vitamin c you do not have to eat more foods like oranges, lemons, or limes. The acids and sugars in these fruits wear your teeth. This will reduce the benefits. So, what to do? Eat more veggies. Eat less acidic fruits. This give you more vitamin c and calcium. 

Foods. Healthy food is good! But, why? Good oral health leads to better overall health. Fruits that are crunchy and have water can clean your teeth while you eat. Who knew?! A few foods are apples, celery, and carrots. Also, eat foods with antioxidants such as berries, nuts, raisins, and beans. Fermented foods like kombucha contain probiotics. These are good for your gums. Go gums!

Don’t Chew Ice. Stop this today! Chewing ice breaks tooth enamel. This can increase your risk of decay. Oh, no! Also, ice can chip your teeth or damage fillings and crowns. In extreme cases, people have tooth pain with hot and cold temps.

Drink Water. There are many reasons to drink more water. Here are a few. First, rinse your mouth with water after sugary foods or drinks. Washing your mouth can stop decay. Also, most water contains fluoride. This can make the tooth stronger. Lastly, water reduces dry mouth and bacteria. All in all, drink more water.


The foods and drinks matter as much as brushing. Use these tips for good oral health. For more dental care tips call Palmetto Dental Associates at (843)-399-2525, today! We can’t wait to meet you.