The Importance of Your First Dental Visit In North Myrtle Beach

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first dental visit blog 11/15/17You might be excited at the idea of improving your smile, but you shouldn’t skip any steps of the dental process—even your first dental visit in North Myrtle Beach.

This part may seem useless because it’s difficult to understand dental procedures, but your North Myrtle Beach dentist is here to help you. Consultations are how your dentist puts their best foot forward in creating a friendly, open relationship as well as inform you about your options during your dental visit. Learn more about the importance of consultations here.

Reasons Why You Need to Schedule an Initial Consultation

Dental Visit in North Myrtle Beach

Everyone’s dental problems are different, so your treatment plan is different than your neighbor’s. You should choose your approach based on your budget, comfort level, and the current state of oral health. During your first dental visit, we’ll help you explore all the best options available to you. Your North Myrtle Beach dentist will ask a series of questions and possibly view your mouth for a better idea of what will work best for you.

We Can Determine Your Eligibility

Dental care is highly personalized. Each person and each tooth are different, and decay or damage can happen in various ways. Other health conditions outside the mouth may even affect your eligibility for certain procedures. Discuss all health problems during your North Myrtle Beach dental visit such as, sedation, and possible medications with your dentist at the consultation. This will help you avoid a wasted dental visit if you’re prepared for your procedure that day.

Get a Better Understanding of the Procedure or Treatment

Some dental procedures are more complex than others and require a lot of planning. Before you settle into the chair for the complete treatment, it’s important to understand what’s going to happen during each dental visit at Palmetto Dental Assiciates, your North Myrtle Beach dentist. Your consultation is the perfect time to ask all your questions and a get a detailed explanation of what will take place during each dental visit.

Your Dentist Can Provide Helpful Tips

Proper dental care seems easy enough, but your dentist can help you with specific tips for your smile.  A first dental visit is one of the best times to address regular dental care issues. Your North Myrtle Beach dentist can offer a wealth of information and advice that will help you properly care for and protect your teeth.

Discover Your Best Payment Options

Some dental procedures come with a high price tag. At your consultation, Dr. Emily Hortman, your North Myrtle Beach dentist, will be happy to discuss payment options and our administrative staff will be happy to contact your insurance provider. This way, you don’t have to worry about claims or financial planning alone.

Hopefully, you can now see why dental consultations are important to starting your dental care correctly. Plus, your local dentist loves meeting with patients!

About Our Office

Here at Palmetto Dental Associates, we know that it’s important to establish a great dental relationship from the very first meeting. Dr. Emily Hortman looks forward to building long-lasting professional relationships with each of her patients. This way, she knows she’s providing personalized care that addresses your specific dental needs. Feel free to call Palmetto Dental Associates in North Myrtle Beach today to schedule your next dental consultation.